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    Read The Rules

    The information and files contained on this site is for EDUCATIONAL and LEGAL USE ONLY!!! Owners and its moderators/administrators are not responsible for the misuse of any information/files. No liability is assumed for the use or misuse of the information contained on this Site. The information contained here should not be used to defraud any company or individual of any revenue by unlawfully accessing copyrighted intellectual property. Do not use this information where it is illegal. It is your responsibility to know whether information contained within this site is legal according to the laws of the location.

    These Are the Simplest of rules...

    This is a site for all ages so please respect the rules!

    Respect the Administrators, Super Moderators and Uploaders.

    1. No Multiple Accounts.

    2. No Offshore Proxies.

    3. No Alternate Username

    4. No personal flaming or bashing.

    5. No continued behavior that disrupts the site.

    6. No unauthorized advertising or spamming for other DSS sites.

    7. No Public web addresses or Live links

    8. No Double posting. Post your questions once in the appropriate forum.

    9. Again: Post in the Proper Forum.

    10. No posting of personal information, yours or someone else's.

    11. No Begging for files or scripts.

    12. Public, PM, or email abuse will not be tolerated.

    13. Signatures & Posts may be edited or removed without notice and at our discretion.
    Example No Nudity-Profanity-Vulgarity

    14.Rules can be updated at any moment so always check them.

    15. All pornography! No nudity Will be Applied and Directed to there Designated Areas YOU MUST be 18 YEARS of AGE and OLDER ANYONE cought Breaking this RULE what so ever will result in automatic banning for life! NO QUESTIONS ASK!!!!

    16. Shout box is for clean fun chat, no dirty talk out bashing of any kind.



    19. Posting untested links:

    If you don't know whether a link works, do not post it. Don't use the rest of us as your guinea pig. If you continue to break this rule you will be banned.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.