School investigates racist post from board member's Facebook

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    MCMURRAY, Pa. – A school district outside Pittsburgh says it's investigating a racist Facebook post that appeared to have been published on a school board member's personal page.

    Screenshots have been circulating of the since-removed post which looked like it was been made by Peters Township School Board member William Merrell.

    Merrell tells WTAE-TV he was hacked two years ago, and he never made the post. He says the only reason it's being circulated is because of Tuesday's election.

    The post included a link to a list suggesting what would happen if all African Americans left the U.S. It featured a graphic with a racial slur.

    It looked as if Merrell posted the photo, writing "Crime in the Burgh would go down for sure."

    A district spokeswoman tells the Post-Gazette they're looking into it.