SLOZZ is Closing it's doors

Discussion in 'Planet Local News Feeds' started by Planet, May 24, 2015.

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    Greetings Team. Lets try this again. Firstly i feel real sad about learning that SLOZZ has closed its doors. I know that it was a home for many folks that visited and made it a humble place for all. I am Happy The Ripper Jack and the team offered you all a place to call home and to also allow there staff to keep there titles. You all worked really hard to earn them.. I am also here to make the same offer at Test The Planet. Please feel free to visit us there as wll. I will have RJ, DeeCee, LBP or myself set you all up as you was over at SLOZZ. To that respect and on behalf of the team here @ WarezAlot, TestThePlanet, LBP's Hangout and the rest of the family. I want to welcome you all to your new home. Please get comfortable, bring the couch. I will get us all a larger fridge for all the extra beer. We are also working and making sure that we have the needed space and speed that can accommodate the boost in traffic. With that being said, Please tell all your friends that we are here for them also. Let's all be safe and stay healthy.



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    You bet! I've been validating folks as I see them come in, but I'll check through and make sure status ranks are as they were at Slozz!

    If anyone needs help in this regard or anything else for that matter just PM me.
  3. Planet

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    Hey there DeeCee. No worries bro you have my full support.