Threat Detected

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    Greetings Everyoone

    I want to advise you all that one of the sites that we have hosted on our server was hit with a layer 7 DDoS attack last night at around 12am. This attack has increase our server CPU resources by 150% in a 24 hour period. That site has been terminated and the site owner advised. Thanks to the efforts of Ripper and our new host. they were able to determine what site it was and suspend it before it did any real damage. We are monitoring the load balance on the server to see if there are any other sites on the server that may also become a factor. we will continue to keep everyone informed and ask you all keep a sharp eye out for anyone or anything suspicious. Remember this is your home also. You are a very important part of our family. it is our job to work together so that we can keep everyone safe and away from any harm.

    We appreciate everything that you do!


    RipperJack - Planet